Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go Away

It just doesn't go away. Make it go away. Just make it go away, our bodies scream!

Amber left a message to call her so we could discuss everything.=====Our minds think discuss what? There is nothing to discuss. The deal was $2,500 to sign the quit claim deed and then another $2,500. when you have vacated the premises. Not that we would pay her money to vacate the premises. Not that she could destroy the house and then have us pay her to vacate the premises. 

Randy called her back and left a message. She did not call us back. We were shocked at this.

Last night neither of us wanted to go to Chandler's ball game because we knew she would be there and confront us. Exactly what happened. As soon as we arrived she pounced.She had her paper work for the apartments. $980. for move in. Continued to deny doing damage but continued to say she would prime the whole house. Maria had said she did not want Amber in the house working. Maria vacillates as to what to do. Randy vacillates as to what to do. Though it saddens me to the depth of my innards ( how do you like that word instead of soul? Sorry, it is early, I have had a good night's sleep ( took a pill ) and I am dealing pretty good this morning. Needed a little humor.)  I think the thing to do is what Tough Love taught us and not enable. There is no doubt were she out of the house and had she not destroyed the house _ (I don't think I even posted a picture of the next door neighbors fence being torn down ( of course Amber says she had nothing to do with this, as well ) we would give her the money.  Randy told her we would think about it. He also told her he did not trust a word that came out of her mouth and he never would again, to which she replied,"Alright".

She sat on one side of the field and we sat on the other. Near the end of the game, Maria went over to say good bye to Chandler. She did not feel well and she needed to go lock up the house. She had unlocked it in the morning so Amber could get to her things during the day. Later in the night, Maria told us when she went over to the dug out to say goodbye to Chandler Amber approached in a little panic and said, " My parents aren't leaving, are they?" I had to go to the restroom. When I came back there was Amber, behind the bleachers talking to Grandy. She was behind the bleachers talking upward. Luckily there were not other people immediately by us. Grandy told her he would go to the apartment complex and pay the monies to get her in the apartment. He then would consider paying the rest of the money to her by paying her rent for the next three months. This was with the stipulation that she get the house primed. She balked at the offer. She said she needed her car fixed and the deal was $5,000. for the quit claim deed. Grandy reminded her that was not the deal. It was a two part deal and she had only lived up to the first part. She then accused her father, Grandy of cheating her. I have never known my husband to cheat a soul out of a penny. She also told us she would have no choice ,if we did not give her the money, but to move to the valley and live with Michael and she was not leaving Chandler up here. I said not a word and Grandy looked straight at her and did not blink an eye. She then once more accused him of not telling the truth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh--think for Grandy it was the straw that broke the camel's back. He then quietly said to her," Amber, I did tell the truth and have held up the deal as it was and further more, " Where is the $10,000. you stole from us and said you would pay back?" She ignored this comment, of course. Game was over and she walked off. 

Chandler came over to us as we had his fishing pole in the car for him. The kid, Eric, where he and Amber were staying has a pond near by. He wanted his pole. He was his usual darling self. He said he would talk to us today. Wed. has always been one of our nights on the schedule to have him.

Interestingly, my husband pointed out to me she did not mention the cancer. Grandy said normally she would have used that against us for sympathy. He is now thinking she does not have cancer.

When Maria went to the house to lock up she checked the mail box. Amber has still not retrieved her mail which means she has not seen the certified letter about eviction, nor the summons for court on the felony. As of last night she had not been served with the second phase of the eviction notice.
Grandy thinks there is a chance today she will call back and say she will take the deal.

  Chandler is our number one concern but her holding him hostage is never going to end until she is in jail and we have enough legal mambo jumbo to get custodial rights. Do we give into the fear of her taking Chandler? He will throw a fit. She has not been taking care of him for ????? how long? We are so hoping the legal system will come through and she will be incarcerated so this continuous stress can go away and we can get Chandler some counseling, etc. We will see what today brings. 

Tomorrow is her hearing for the two charges she was arrested for and released on her on recognisance. Grandy had mistakenly told me it was today.
Michale, the man she mentioned moving in with in the valley is a friend from her childhood. I think I mentioned him months ago. They hooked back up just about the time this entire fiasco started. Michael is a good guy. His mother was often a huge help to us when Amber was functioning as a teen, like she is now. Diana once bought a strand of pearls from Amber that she was going to hawk. I bought them back from Diana. These were the add a pearl strands that had been a baby present when Amber was born. I eventually gave them back to Amber, at some point during the years she was functioning. Now, of course, I regret it. Not sure if she has the necklace or not.

Have I mentioned that Chandler's Wei is now gone? It was the only thing he had to do at the house when he was there with Amber. The Wei traveled between Ria's and Ambers. Well, it is gone--nowhere to be found. First it was his Xbox360 and now it is his Wei.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh----I think I am going to try to locate Diana and talk to her. My hope is Michael is still the great kid he was as a young person. I am sure Amber is misleading him with her stories. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh----
When we went to bed last night Grandy was a little better. He told me he was trying to hold on to the thought that this would all turn out as it is supposed to and we are doing the best we can do. It just seems like the best we can is not good enough sometimes. I know it is though and eventually, yes, eventually, this will go away.

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Paris Cowgirl said...

This too shall pass. It may not seem like it, but it will. Hugs