Monday, June 15, 2009

Let Us Keep Up

  Randy went to court yesterday morning to give Ria support at the  eviction hearing and to see first hand the results. At nine Amber had her court time for the restraining order hearing involving her former boyfriend, Robert. The judge upheld the order for Robert against Amber. After this ruling the judge asked her if she was staying for her hearing with Ria. She said she did not know about it at which point the constable served her with the papers. The hearing resulted in Ria having to give her access to the house for the next five days so she could retrieve her things and then Ria having to store Amber's things for sixty days thereafter. After sixty days, if Amber's things have not been picked up Ria has the right to sell them.

  While attending court Randy asked Amber if all the money orders were made out to the Pinetop Hills Apartments and she answered yes. You might recall he was beating himself up for going a little brain dead on Friday and not making sure the money orders were made out to the apartment complex. Amber also told him she was having a friend take her to the shop to get her windshield fixed and she would call him to have him go to the repair place to pay for it.-----She never called.

  After court Amber texted Ria saying, " Thanks for the money orders. I am sick of this shit. Chandler will get over going to the valley. You have to store my stuff. I will be coming to stay at the house tonight and will be there at 2:30 in the morning. Ria called me with the latest.

  Randy had gone, with Chandler to pick up Philip, Chandler's best friend. He was coming to spend the night. They had reservations to go horse back riding yesterday afternoon. By the way, they both loved it. Said they would do it everyday if they could. When Randy came home I told him about the latest text from Amber to Ria. He immediately got in the car and went to the apartments and then the bank. He discovered Amber had given the apartment manager the $35. money order for the registration process but was told that Amber was to come back by yesterday but she had not been there yet. He then went to the bank to cancel the remaining money orders. He was able to cancel two of them but he found out the one for $395. had been cashed fifteen minutes after it had been issued. Seems Amber went straight back to the bank and cashed it. This one was for the first month's rent.

  We imagine she will go ballistic when she finds out her dad has cancelled the other money orders. I dread it.

  The detective came by this afternoon to have me look at pictures that were taken of the house destruction by the police. Randy had seen him in court and they had set up the appointment for when the boys would be horse back riding.I gave him copies of the pictures we had taken which I recognized to be Amber's handwriting. He again told us the justice system is slow.

  Now for the last development of yesterday--- When Randy went by Ria's yesterday morning, he went to the mailbox to check the mail for Ria. There was a large envelope in the box addressed to Amber from the same law firm we had consulted with concerning getting custody of Chandler. Remember Amber was assigned a public defender?! 
What are the odds?
 Yep, Randy called as we wanted to have another consultation anyway. Seems the attorney we had consulted with and was holding the order of protection to be issued at the "right time" had been assigned to be Amber's public defender. The conflict of interest was not caught because our case was under Randy's last name and not DuPriest. The attorney profusely thanked Randy for calling and said he felt sure he would be released from the case and would call us back.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Waiting for a legal conviction so we can file the custody papers
for the time when Chandler will not be held hostage.

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Arcadia Living said...

Hi Ce Ce: Just getting caught up in "blog land" - sorry to read about all your chaos and heartache lately. I don't think the court system is can adequately handle situations like your daughters. It is so unfortunate there is not more help out there for families. You are in my thoughts and prayers. - Patty