Sunday, July 5, 2009

            3rd in the Vocabulary Series- Commiserate

There have been entertaining times in the past that there would have been elaborate decorations, fabulous place settings, theme presented food and certainly favors for guests. Yesterday, however, the above represented the extent of available goods, in the valley, pulled out quickly, for our pleasure. The best of this, of course, is the decoration my dear friend Bonnie gave me. She made this by using an old bed spring for the base. You can see a wonderful picture of this project here, on Carol Wingert's site. Bonnie made one for her as well, and her photography puts mine to shame. Smile.
There were not many pictures made yesterday but there was much commiseration among family and friends. My dad, our friends, Jim and Janice, from Maricopa, and my Randy are enjoying the pool. The temperature of the pool was absolutely perfect for all of us as we do not like cold pool water. Good thing, as the AZ heat was in force yesterday.
Janice and I donned our sun hats. Breanna, the daughter of Kim, at Sweet Sage Vintage, gave me my hat. If she saw this picture she would be upset that the rim was not positioned differently, to shade my face more. I loved playing with the rim though. It has wire and is able to be bent in all shapes and contortions. It was part of my fun yesterday. Speaking of Sweet Sage Vintage, you must and I mean must hop over to her site by clicking here. You will see the most amazing picture of her kitty. I am just in awe of her photography.

It was lovely to commiserate with Jim and Janice. One of the things we commiserated about was my dad. Everyone was coming over at one in the afternoon. We did not start cooking burgers until about four in the afternoon. All of a sudden, my dad got up from his chair by the pool and said he was going home. The charcoal was ready for the burgers. We were about to cook and bingo---off he goes, out of the blue. Told us he had food at home, he needed to feed Max, his dog and do other stuff. Other stuff? He is at his house, alone, most of the time, since mom died, a couple of months ago. We don't know if he just started missing my mom, since she normally would have  been celebrating with us, or what--- 
Don't know if we should have cooked much earlier or what----
Don't know ---
it certainly was nice to have long time friends, playing, laughing and doing all kinds of commiserating about all of our lives. 

For the past three days, Amber has not been constantly on my mind. Janice said she could see it in my face. 

I am not sure if I told you Amber had dropped off the dogs to play with Chandler sometime last week. On the first of July it was Maria's parents anniversary. They all went out to a place called The Orchard, to celebrate. When they returned home the dogs were gone. A neighbor across the street came over to tell Maria Amber had been there and upon seeing Amber he called the police. By the time the police arrived, however, Amber had left. The neighbor did not want to get involved to the extent of going to court and testifying so nothing came of the incident. No one is quite sure how she got the dogs out of the house.
From looking on line Randy has seen that Amber's court date for the felony has been moved to July 20th, I think. We assume it is due to the change of public defender. The records Randy is looking at still show her misdemeanor pre-trial to be scheduled for the July ninth but Randy expects, come Monday when he checks, it too, will have been moved to the 20th.
 We have had a nice break being in the valley. It has been lovely to have some time feeling like the grandparents again instead of the parents, of our Chandler.
Truth be told, my heart is commiserating with my mind about going back to Pinetop today.

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