Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remember all those boxes I packed?
Remember all those boxes Randy hauled to the storage shed?
Remember we took the house off the market after over two years of having a For Sale sign in our front yard?
Well, they are back. We finished hauling all of them back on Friday. It took eleven trips with our truck named Toby -- ( Chandler named the truck years ago when we first bought it )
Not exactly the time of year in the desert of the sun to be hauling but it can be done. We must have drank gallons and gallons of water over the course of the day. The good news is, while we had some aches and pains yesterday, they were not as bad as we anticipated. Randy even won $50.00 in the golf tournament he played in. So, what that translate to is he got to play for free!
Today we just have to go sweep out the space and fill out a vacate form.
comes the decision making part over the next few months. 
 Read on----
Since we are keeping the house for a few more years-
Will it be two?
Will it be three?
Will it be four?
You get the picture---
I am not one to live for a long time someplace that is not decorated--
We are slowly, and I mean slowly updating some items and making some changes.
I have two major concerns going on in my head.
Number One- I never got on the granite bandwagon. 
Don't like the way it looks, have tried and tried to like the way it looks.
Keep reading about counter tops--
Don't like what I read about it or many of the other products-
concrete, siltstone-  finding they all have their drawbacks - which of course is natural- but why put something in because everyone else is doing it?  Well, to make it more marketable, of course-- but--- how long are we staying? Will granite be out? I mean it is a little late in the cycle to be changing now. 
I like tile. I love tile. I can put hot things down on it with absolutely no worries. Fabulous. I just wish it was white. Sooooo ---- that brings me to the next thought process. I am also now into painted wood. I am thinking seriously about painting all of my oak cabinets. I am also thinking seriously about painting all of my baseboards and interior doors. Want them all white. Thinking about matching the tile color and either painting the cabinets the cream color to match OR painting the cabinets a color. Uh Oh----here we go again--doing it for me or doing it for resale?
So, anyway, those are the LITTLE things on my mind.
Will let you in on this thought---today I am taking a tile, getting it paint color matched and painting the removable oak panel on the garbage compactor. This will allow me to see how it looks while being able to remove the panel so my playing will not show. Going to paint half the panel the matching tile color and half a color which I think will be a green. Hopefully pictures will come later for you to take a look.
My island is butcher block. Plan to sand it down to refurbish it's looks. 
Love the look of butcher block. I am just an old fashioned girl at heart. 

Proof of our labor !
This has become our nightly routine, thank goodness for the pool in the desert heat.
Each night we watch to see how many birds we have visiting in the branches which need to be trimmed. The most we have counted so far is ten. 
Later on there were none. They come and they go. Sometimes I wonder if there are any of the same ones visiting or if it is a new visitor each time. I am guessing it is a few of both ---  sort of like life's challenges --- they come and they go.


Paris Cowgirl said...

I'm glad you're keeping the house. Hopefully it means you'll be in town more often! Selfish, aren't I?

Sandy said...

I have been thinking of painting my bleached white-worn wood cabinets. At least they are light but when they get too worn looking I will probubly paint. I am in love with taupe and thinking a med. shade. Let me know how your test goes!