Thursday, July 16, 2009

Talkative Thursday

 No Vacation: All packed, was about to head to valley on Tuesday. Decided I best print out reservations---
What? No reservations to be found on my computer--- call R.C.I. to ask them to send it to me via email again, thinking I have accidentally deleted them
Nope---- NO RECORD of the reservation. First time EVER that this has happened to me----owned time shares for a very long time.
I KNOW these reservations were made.
I KNOW it like I KNOW so many things but that means do I KNOW it at all?
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh---- as my hubby said, a crisis probably happened right after me making them and I never checked to see that we had received confirmation, etc. Oh Well, at least we had not paid for expensive plane tickets. At least the kids had not jumped through rings and hoops to get Passports to go to Mexico only to find out there was no vacation to be had there. 

Now, as if that wasn't bizarre enough---
Hairdresser had a child and so my roots have not been colored for about six weeks. Said hairdresser is a doll and was doing my hair before I went on vacation even though new little one was just born a couple of weeks ago.
Said hair dresser calls me yesterday to make sure I have gotten her message left the day before. Message is she had broken her ankle and cannot stand!!!!!!!! Now this is a sweet lady that has six children--- she was concerned about me and my hair---

I debated whether to call this post Talkative Thursday or Thankful Thursday. Maria's mother is a hairdresser. I totally spaced this until I walked in the home door after the phone call from hairdresser and told Randy about the broken ankle. I told him he was going to have to color my roots. He then informed me he was not a licensed hairdresser and why didn't I call Elaine? Well, hubby, YES--- gained some points----- GREAT IDEA!!!!! Yes, she worked me in and my roots are colored!!!!!!!!

I have more to talk about---
Took 87 year old dad to airport and got him situated to fly to S.C. to see his boyhood best friend. Ahhhhhhhhhh--- ordeal to say the least. Bless him. He is SO deaf now due to serving our country, being a pilot and having bombs go off, etc. Will not elaborate more about that particular fan fare. Will give you a hint as to how I grew up with not one but two perfectionist parents.
Think I told you in an earlier post I brought my mom's Volvo home to store in our garage so my dad could park his jeep inside his garage. When you live in the valley of the sun in AZ this is a very important option---to park your vehicle out of the sun. Well, when we are leaving to take him out to eat last night ( we have to go in his jeep because it is too difficult for him to climb into our Avalanche. Anyway, he has a car cover in the garage sitting on top of his MG. He suggested we take it home and put it on the Volvo. My response was, "Dad, the Volvo is not parked out side. It is in the garage." " I know," he responds, "but it gets dust on it in the garage." O.K. dad, so it gets a little dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh--- also found a breakfast roll left on counter, and some other things that were disturbing to a daughter and son-in-law, inside the house, but by golly, he is NOT moving out of that house---- Alright dad. Alright. We just keep telling ourselves, "IT IS ALRIGHT! Your choice and you have a right to your choice, even if it is sad, sad, sad to us. Really and Truly, it is OUR problem with our worries for him.
Good News--- he flew first class and he made it just fine. I hope he has a great time. He and Bike ( what his friend is called --- real name is Bynum) have been best friends since they were little boys. They played baseball on the same village team. Have I told you the story about how my dad met my mom???? Cute, so cute. My dad was the catcher and Bynum was the pitcher on the village team. My dad saw my mom, in the stands, and was looking at her instead of the ball Bike when the pitch came. Well, it hit my dad. I think it did something to my dad's brain or else my mom's beauty did as he pursued her ------ another cute story about that in the future, if I remember to tell it!!!

Let me see--- I guess I am wishing I had taken pictures of the bricks that are all off the top of our fence which hides the pool equipment. Seems Chandler and his little cousin, yesterday, decided to jump off the center post and jarred bricks loose. Messy--- more about this situation later, also, hopefully.

Well, I am about ready to go to sleep and dream of sand between my toes, margaritas and some more sand between my toes.
Beats all the work we see needs doing, on our valley home. This valley home  sits amongst the scorching heat which makes one not want to be doing anything but hang out in the pool. Maybe we will do a little of that and maybe we will just go back to Pinetop where it is cool and beautiful right now. Isn't that a vacation in and of itself?

Alright, am talkative and could go on and on but till the next time we meet hoping all of your talk is of the happy variety!

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Anonymous said...

CeCe, it sounds like you have been very busy. Dream up a margarita and a lounge chair for me too!