Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Keep

I keep thinking I am going to post-
I keep thinking about what I am going to post-
I keep thinking-

Here I am on this Thursday morning. I have been absent for just a few days. Maybe it is the heat in the valley. Maybe it is spending a lot of time running around to stores---- where one actually wants to shop. Maybe it is trying to avoid the HEAVINESS. 

Yesterday I dropped by Mystic Paper to visit. I was lucky enough to stop by when Mike Putman, Ellen, Kim, and the Peddler were in house. Nice couple of hours. While catching up on a little of life's happenings, Mike described to me perfectly the scent in the atmosphere for the past few months - HEAVY- The weight of the world is not as light in nature right now. It is like all of us could use some new special wings which would enable us to fly again.

My husband was talking to our realtor about a week ago. Her husband was diagnosed with throat cancer about two weeks after they listed our home. Since that time he has recovered but only after a very painful battle with more than the illness itself. Now his daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. Anyway, Cindy was telling Randy about something her grandmother used to say to her. It goes something like this. If all the worries of the world were thrown into a river and you were allowed to go in the river and pick any worry you wanted, out of the rive, you would always pick your own. You would do this because you know what it is and the known is more comfortable with which to deal than the unknown.
Last night Randy and I started talking about problems we know people are facing and did the game of would we switch---
I have to admit, there were some I would not switch with but others I thought I would--- BUT when it comes right down to it I know I am dealing with the best worries for me. I know I have the ability to deal with my worries because they are MY worries. They are given to me because I need them. I need them to help develop my personality and my growth. I need them to allow me to figure out a learning process so I can move on. I need them because, after all, everyone needs something, to get rid of, in life. And so it is:
 I keep thinking I want to get rid of this ---
 I keep thinking I will find a way to accomplish this goal-
 I also though keep thinking though , it is all right. I AM where I  need to be at this particular moment. 
 I just looked at the clock and realized what time it is. My door  bell is going to ring soon so I am now thinking I best get  dressed and say goodbye to you for now.
 I keep thinking how nice it is to visit with you so I hope to return  soon. Hope your day turns out to be a light weight one!


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Sandy said...

I almost went to Mystic yesterday! Thanks for being a great blog friend. It makes the heavy feeling lighter.