Thursday, July 23, 2009

Truthful Thursday

Why do people double deal?
  What is the purpose?

Randy talked to Bud, the Pinetop detective , yesterday. Randy asked him to check on the arrest reports to see if it showed Amber had been arrested. Bud called him back to let Randy know he had checked the Pinetop, Showlow, and County reports. There was no record of Amber being arrested for a DUI.  
When Randy told Maria this, Maria suggested to Randy the justice department is so slow maybe it had not been posted yet. Huuuuummmmm----well, maybe but Randy thinks this is unlikely.
I repeat ----  Why do people double deal?  More specifically, why would Amber say she had been arrested for a DUI, her car impounded, etc. if it had not happened? I just do not understand the duplicity of her actions.

Maria called Randy to ask him to check with Gordon, our counselor, for a referral for a counselor that works with children. I guess Chandler had exhibited more behavior which was indicative of not taking responsibility for his actions. We all greatly worry about Chandler following in his birth mother's foot steps. I am sure this is a normal worry. Now that Maria got power of attorney for medical and school we should be able to get him some counseling. Gordon suggested we find someone in Pinetop so I guess it will be on the list of things to accomplish after vacation is over.

Yesterday, for most of the day, I worked on reorganizing the garage. I moved much of my business stuff into the emptied garage storage cabinets.  We made a trip to the storage shed to start moving things back to the house. I took three showers yesterday due to the sweat dripping off my body.  My lower back is hurting today. We laughed in the pool last night --- we had always said after fifty we would not move ourselves again. We moved ourselves to Pinetop and here we are moving ourselves in and out of the same house in the valley!!!! Smile. We also joked about the lovely home we had purchased and the great deal we got, etc.  Randy called our real estate lady and told her we were taking the house off the market.

We have Emil, Maria's cousin, coming today to look at all our plumbing needs. Changing out sinks, hardware, etc. He is going to move our sink buffet out of the powder room so we can paint in there. Getting rid of the last wall papered rooms is on list of things to do. Trying to figure out what color to paint it since I don't want to make a mistake due to it being such a pain in the b_ _ _ to prep for painting. One of my major problems is when we built this home I favored cream over white. All my tile is cream. Now I favor white. Ahhhhh ---  what's a girl to do? I'll figure it out.

I need to remember there is time. The major thing right now is to get out of that storage shed by the end of the month. A girl can buy a lot of buttons and treasures for $250.  Oh yes, the goal is to save money, not spend it. My mind was full of duplicity there for a second.


Paris Cowgirl said...

CeCe, you amaze me!

CeCe said...

I amaze myself much of the time but I am sure not in the nice way you are thinking--- you are thinking nice amazement, right? Smile. Truth is, you amaze me--own scrapbook business, all you accomplish--- I guess we are all pretty amazing people! Isn't it wonderful that we are able to recognize this?!

M said...

I'm available for painting color consultation, FREE of charge.
Run CeCe, run!!!! lol