Friday, July 17, 2009

Favorite Fridays

This Friday I am having a hard time remembering when the wishing well looked like this!

I remember when Fridays were my favorite day of the week. That was when I taught school and Fridays meant it was the beginning of the weekend. These days it doesn't much matter to me what day of the week it is. LOVE this aspect of my life. There are wonderful things about getting old - like not having a time clocked job.

This Friday we bought a refrigerator. Yes! Last time we were in the valley it was a bed. This time a refrigerator. We will actually have a place to keep cold food. Oops, does this mean there will be cooking going on again? 

This Friday Maria and Chandler, along with his cousin and am not sure who else, is at the Scottsdale resort time share for the week we gave them. I hope they have a blast this week.

This Friday, instead of sand between my toes and Margarita in hand, we are in the valley house and I am sipping on a glass of red wine. The temperature gage in the car read 118 degrees today. It usually runs about three degrees hotter than the outside temperature. Have not watched the news to see the recorded high today but folks, trust me, it is hot. As we Arizonans like to say over and over again though, it is a dry heat! Dry or wet, it is hot. So why are we not up in Pinetop???? Well, we have to get the fridge delivered on Monday and the only mason person we have been able to find to work on fixing the brick work on the pool is in Alpine for the weekend. Alpine is actually further than Pinetop so he definitely knows where to be instead of the valley this weekend. Smile. He will not be back to  take a look at the job until Tuesday. We absolutely cannot leave until this is in the works of being fixed. 

This Friday I would love to say I am not thinking about anything but happy thoughts. I could say it but it would not be true. My heart grieves for my daughter. It was a year ago this month that both our families were on vacation together.

This Friday I made airline reservations to travel to TN for some girls time. My sweet husband has agreed to take care of getting Chandler's braces off and being there for him to start school while I am gone.

This Friday we have had, as usual, numerous conversations about the best thing to do with our valley house. We are no further along to having the right answer but I am sure that is because there is no right answer. 

This Friday we went to our favorite yogurt shop for lunch. Mesa Frozen Yogurt, if you are a local and have not had their yogurt, check it out. It is at the corner of Southern and Gilbert Road, in the S.W. shopping center. Tell Nan, the owner, CeCe sent you.

This Friday I am hoping my dad is having a lovely time with the friends he is visiting in S. C.

This Friday I am grateful for my friends around the globe and wondering what is going on with your Friday. Whatever it is, I hope that Saturday turns out to be sunny for you but with a touch of  rain to make a perfect balance for a Sweet Saturday. 

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