Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vocabulary Word Erosive

There are many erosive things in life.
Some of them happen so slowly one is not even able to pinpoint the moment the results started. An example would be the many people who get a divorce. Divorce has often fascinated me. What happens? Weren't the two people in love at one time or why would they have gotten married in the first place? What eroded the way they felt about each other when they married?
I sometimes think the legal age for getting married should be raised to, say, about 30. It seems to me I was about 30 when I truly came into my own in terms of being an adult.
I also think perhaps it should be a requirement that people live together for a certain period of time before they marry--- a trial period maybe---say a year.

This concept brings to mind a funny little tidbit I remember. A former friend's daughter got engaged. Her mother, a woman around my age, let's say 62, for I will be 62 this month, wanted the couple to live together for awhile. The daughter and future son-in-law, however, wanted nothing to do with it. They did not want to live together until they were husband and wife. It tickled me because my parents, the older generation still living, thought like the daughter.
Well, anyway, this particular couple had a lovely wedding and the reception was great fun and now they are divorced.
I truly know this does not happen with all couples. I am just typing the keys to put in words what my mind is randomly thinking about this vocabulary word, erosive.

Mental abuse and physical abuse can be erosive to one's spirit.
In the same light as above, but in the opposite direction, I often ask myself what would make a human being stay in an abusive or mentally destructive relationship?
Self - hatred?
Was the self hatred always there or did it develop slowly over time leaving the person so wounded he or she did not have the energy or where with all to realize there is a different way to live. By staying does the person realize he or she  must take some responsibility for receiving the abuse?

As we age, many people's memory erodes. 

By using a pumice stone the erosion of the toilet bowl ring can be removed.
By being treated respectfully and with unconditional love the fear of trusting can be eroded.
By going to school, or studying on one's own, ignorance can be eroded.
By taking baby steps towards reaching a goal, the feeling of being overwhelmed by a large task at hand can be eroded.
By saying no to food, extra weight can be eroded.

By recognizing and replacing unhappy or sad thoughts when they come to mind, with happy thoughts, one can erode the practice of giving sad thoughts control over our minds.

I certainly know this. I also know it takes practice, practice, practice.  A friend of mine said in a recent discussion, sometimes she KNOWS what she should be doing to make herself feel better or differently, but at that particular moment, by golly, she doesn't want to do it. She just wants to wallow in the pain and the anger.  This is so human nature. It is alright. We all make mistakes . We all do things that are hurtful to others and others do things that are hurtful to us.

 For my life, it is important I just keep trying. 
For my life, I am ever so thankful I have the crutch of a higher power.
For my life,  I need my higher power to help me erode the unhappy and find the happy, by giving me the strength and support to choose to help myself ,when I am ready to do so.

The erosive power of misused alcohol and misused  drugs, used by my daughter, changed her and all who love her.

What about for your life?
Does something need eroding or do you need to stop the erosion?


M said...

Cece, got your email about the desktops. YEA! Love your thinking.
The boards measure 18" x 34" If you want me to set some aside for you, let me know how many. email me at runesmom@hotmail.com and I can give you my phone number, etc.

Sandy said...

CeCe, you always make me think! I have had 2 divorces. What eroded? First one, growing up and the disease of alcoholism. The second? Living with a bi-polar attention deficite person wore away at the real me and I had to start over. Now I am left with myself and am growing to like and love me. I have my own depression now to deal with and the aftermath of self abuse to my body by my addictions. How could I give if taking care of me is overwelming at times? Loner no, sick, sometimes but my life is going into the right direction because of love, family, art, pets, 12 step groups, friends, and putting myself out there when I can. Wow, where did that come from? Me. Thanks, your friend Sandy

CeCe said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and personal comments about this very insightful word. Love you for being willing and taking the risk to tell the world your thoughts. CeCe