Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Explanation

Kim, Sue, CeCe ( that would be me ) and Donna

No, you are not seeing Wednesday's post. Thought I would just post the picture again so the explaining would be easier. 

Yesterday, I met Kim, of Sweet Sage Vintage at our old stomping ground, Merchant Square, in Chandler. Both of us used to have antique booths there. I, at the end of my reign, had two booths -- one filled with linens and hand sewn treasures -  well, I thought they were treasures! Anyway, neither of us had been there in quite awhile. Actually I had not been there at all since all since leaving. Giving up my spaces was hard for me. My booths and the people at Merchant brought me much joy even though having a booth is a lot of work. Going back to visit was a good thing. Catching up with Kim was a good thing. There were other friends that I got to catch up with that are not in the picture. They were not all around when the picture was taken. As much as I enjoyed being there something struck me about the day other than friendship. 
Every single person with which I spoke had her own story to tell. 
Every single person with which I spoke was dealing with the story of their lives.
 Every single person with which I spoke, at some point of the conversation, smiled.
The only person I saw cry was me. When I was talking to Donna, alone, at the end of the day, I was trying to tell her about Amber. Out of nowhere, the lump in my throat came, the tears I tried to control came and the sorrow in my heart came. But, you know what, immediately afterwards, because of the compassion shown to me from loving kindness of one friend listening and caring, a smile could be seen on my face. Donna said she could not say anything to help me but that was not true. Donna did not even need to say a word in order to help me. She listened and she understood my pain and by doing so she brought me joy. Thank you Donna. Thank you, to each of you that listens, whether it is by reading my words or hearing my words. By doing so you bring me joy. Loving thoughts for each other are released in the atmosphere and one only has to be still and listen to hear them. I hope you hear mine today and all the other people that care for you. We are all in this world together.

Sideline Update:
Amber told Maria she is now staying with a friend named Misty. Amber told her it was her a friend that is NOT an alcoholic.
Amber also asked Maria to let her borrow her car.
 Maria said NO.
Chandler went to the lake again with Amber. I do not know how they got there. All the above information was relayed to me via Randy talking to Maria.

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