Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. This is the first year she spent a birthday in her new heavenly body. I am sure she had the best of birthdays!
A shabby panel I completed yesterday.
I was going to show you a green panel but the paint color is not showing up. What you can also see in this picture is the tile. See the difference in the grout on the bottom and the grout on the back splash---not pretty.  BUT yesterday we got a bid on having someone remove all the old grout and replacing it and the three cracked tiles. $550. complete. I think this is what we will do since I love tile. I think later we will spend the money we save by not replacing the counters on updating the ovens and cook top with stainless steel to match the new refrigerator.
Also, my husband starting sanding the island butcher block today. Is looking good. Smile.
Alright, back to the cabinets. Here is what I am thinking. I think I am going to do all the upper cabinets and the island cabinets like the above sample. I am going to paint the lower cabinets under the tile green and paint the walls to match the lower green cabinets. At least that is my current thought.
Isn't showing up well because of the shine but thought I might as well post my new refrigerator which we are very grateful to have.

Later I will post a larger view of the kitchen so you can get a better feel for what I am describing. At the moment there is stuff everywhere!

I went shopping today for Chandler school clothes and just happened to find a couple of items for myself. Got a new set of 1000 count white sheets ---  YUM ---- I love J. C. Penny outlet store. 

Tomorrow I get to play with Kim, of Sweet Sage Vintage. If you would like to visit her, click here. She is the most delightful person to visit!

Chandler has an appointment with his primary care physician in about a week. This is to see about having his arm operated on which has the extra bone growth. I will be out of town but Grandy will take him and let us all know what is said. I am so very grateful Maria got the Power of Attorney for his medical. I need to ask her if she contacted Karen about emergency custody since Amber now has no vehicle ( again ) and cannot possible take care of him. Nothing new to our knowledge regarding her. Have not a clue what is happening with her. I thought about her today in J. C. Penny as I was looking in the shoe section. I passed the size 10 shoes, her size and my heart ached. I used to always buy her shoes if I saw some I thought she would like. 

Alright, will close and wish you all a happy evening. Thanks for visiting with me today.


Judy said...

This comment probably won't make your day, but as far as painting the cabinets goes, here is what I would love to do in my kitchen. Paint the upper cabinets off white and shabby them. Paint the cabinets under the sink and around the stove hunter green. Paint the cabinets under the island black. Shabby all of it and then enjoy! Dark? Probably, but I would love it in my kitchen. Plus I would put in a couple of cabinet doors that had glass in them. Then tin squares on the backsplash behind the stove to go with the stainless steel appliances!

I LOVE my granite countertops!! Easy care, you can put anything hot on it, items defrost faster when set out on them, and they always look good! Cannot imagine that they will ever go out of style! The color choices are wide, too.

BUT, after seeing the transformation on your Pine Top house, I cannot imagine that you would do anything other than the cottage, shabby chic style. You go girl!! Keep us posted with pictures!

CeCe said...

Actually, I like the sound of what you describe. I just told Maria I think she needs to paint her bottom cabinets black. Amber had the top painted white and the bottom red. Amber also put glass in the top cabinets and I have been thinking about doing it down here also.
Glad you love the Granite. Many people do!
I just got more green and will post it soon.