Sunday, July 19, 2009

Silent Saturday

I was silent yesterday, as far as my posting was concerned.
I need to figure out how to underline on this blogger site when writing!

I could have named this post Skinny Saturday - not because I dieted or felt skinny but because Randy and I went skinny dipping in our pool. Don't try to picture this in your mind. It is not a pretty site but boy does it ever feel wonderful. I never went skinny dipping when I was young. It is another great thing about getting old, having a pool, and living in hot AZ. We wait till the sun goes down so we will not get sunburned.

I also could have named this post Sloshed Saturday - Whilst we were skinny dipping we had cocktails in the pool. Rum and Coke for hubby, Cosmopolitans for me. We took turns getting out of the pool to make drink refill runs. My martini glasses I have in the valley are quite small but Randy kept up with me. We did not have to drive anywhere to eat so getting sloshed was safe. We were having left over pizza from Vitos.

 Alright, need to plug another restaurant for the locals. Vitos is located at the SE corner of McKellops and LIndsey Road. Vitos pizza is absolutely the best thin type crust pizza you will ever eat in your life.I don't care where you currently live. Expensive but the best. We get white pizza with sausage, pepperoni and garlic. You do not want to be going to the dentist the day after eating this pizza---you will be breathing garlic for at least a couple of days and it is so worth it. Seems like I have posted about this pizza before. Sorry, is another hazard about getting older.

Let's go back to the sloshed part of the post. I am looking forward to hearing what Randy thinks today about the decision we made last night. We had earlier said if the house did not sell this summer we were taking it off the market. Last night we decided to take it off the market , now, like today! That is the latest thought process. We will do a little at a time on what needs to be repaired and changes made to the house. 

Our new stainless steal, refrigerator is being delivered tomorrow, Monday. I did not want it delivered on the weekend because there was an additional $10.00 delivery charge. Last night Randy was laughing at me, in the pool, yes, while we were sloshed, about not paying the $10.00. I told him it is one of the reasons we are pretty good with money. That old thing about a 100 pennies being worth a $1.00. Sideline entry about this topic. I never understood either, in the old days, why someone would call long distance, during the middle of the day, when it was the most expensive time to call someone. The same minutes cost about half during later hours which meant you either saved half the bill or you could talk twice as long. My mother's teachings kicking in here, folks. Randy's family, however, was the opposite. They picked up the phone whenever they wanted to talk to someone, day or night, made no difference. There thinking was convenience. Convenience was a big part of Randy's learning's. When I first met him he bought his deodorant and toiletries at the local Circle K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I could not believe it, I am now certain there are plenty of others out there that convenience is worth much more than saving the difference in $$.
 What about you and your family? 

Oh Yes, back to the original story concerning getting the refrigerator delivered on the weekend. You know we were down to only having the bar refrigerator to use. Both the inside refrigerator and the garage refrigerator had gone dead.
Well, guess what ----  Yesterday, the door fell off the bar refrigerator! Yep, just fell right off when I opened it to get some water. Randy did get it put back on but it is broken. We have to be very careful every time we open it. I mean very careful. So, maybe the $10.00 would have been worth it, this time, but how was I to know? I still say saving the $10.00 is worth the trouble. I think Randy disagrees. 

Every time we purchase new appliances we buy shoes. Randy pointed this out to me also, on Friday. We only go to Sears when we are purchasing appliances. Truly, it is the only time we go through the doors. There shoe department is positioned such that one goes right past it on the way to the escalator. He always sees shoes he wants and this gets me looking. He thinks there shoe department is wisely placed.
My husband,never and I mean never goes shopping just for clothes. Any clothes he purchases are an afterthought because he is actually shopping for something else. This is why most of his clothes are from places like Costco or Sam's Club. Home Depot, Lowe's, and Ace Hardware should start carrying clothes. I wonder how many other men are just like Randy?  Alright girls out there---Do your husbands shop for clothes?

Well, this Sunday morning is certainly not Silent. 
One last thing to share. We were in the local small True Value Hardware store yesterday. Randy was getting some plumbing items to hook up the water line to the fridge when it is delivered. While he was finding the items he needed I got hooked at the front of the store. There was a cute electric bicycle. I read all about it and then the young, cute, manager saw me looking at it and he came over to give me his spiel. I must admit, I wanted one. It looked like FUN!!!! No license, no registration, sidewalk legal, goes 20 miles an hour and cost less than a penny a mile to operate. It plugs into a regular outlet to charge but you can also get a solar panel. If you want to pedal you can and this charges the battery, as well. Don't think this item is high on the priority list but maybe someday I will have saved enough of those $10.00 that I will splurge on one.  Oh, just in case you are wondering. $895. is the cost but they are on sale right now for $795.

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