Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Vocabulary

It is Monday morning so I thought I would use a vocabulary word this morning to start off the week.

The trouble for my family is---
 when the kidnapper is mental illness there is no ransom to be successfully payed .

I placed an order with Alice of Painted White. You can visit her blog here. I also placed an order with her husband and you can visit him, here. Anyway, the order has not come yet. Alice contacted me letting me know my tracking number and that she had used automated postage at the postal station and she had inadvertently used the wrong box for the kind of postage she paid. She was concerned about my order not reaching me. Well, forget Alice making a mistake. One of the perils of living in two places is where to have your mail sent. We now have our mail in the valley being forwarded to Pinetop. I had her mail my items to the valley---why didn't I just give her my Pinetop address, as it takes twice as long to get something. Ahhhh-- Anyway, upon tracking the item, it had indeed been marked undeliverable, as addressed. Carol Wingert also had this problem with a kit being delivered to me. I don't know if the post office will not forward packages or what the deal is. I need to look into this. For the purpose of this post, however, my thoughts lie elsewhere, in regards to this transaction with Alice. I responded to her concern by letting her know I was fine with whenever I received the package, that no one was in danger, so it was not a big deal and all would be just fine. Alice was ever so grateful for my understanding of her mistake. This back and forth communication over this issue got me thinking---- I try ( I certainly don't always do such but I do indeed try --- this is another post in and of itself! )  each and every day to live by the Golden Rule---It is my mantra in life. If this is the case, shouldn't it be my mantra for myself, as well? I have a feeling there are many others out there with this same structure. I tend to be kinder to strangers than I am to myself. Why is it alright for someone else to make a mistake and not be perfect but when I make a mistake it becomes magnified tenfold? Yes, I need to work on this. Do You?

Now, another thought. Why does the word should exist? I should do this, she should do that, He should, they should, we should----everybody and anybody should. Actually there are no shoulds. We either do it or we don't and we all make those decisions. Think about it--- No, I mean REALLY think about it. If we want to do something, somehow, someway, we find a way to do it. If we really don't want to do something, somehow, someway, we either find a way not to do it or we do it anyway. I am going to see if I can catch myself when I use the word should. This came to my mind today when I was emailing my friend Bonnie. She had written me, in regards to some possible plans for a trip, nothing comes easy. I wrote back that it seemed to me at our age things should come easier. Started me thinking about that little word should. How many shoulds do you have in your life vocabulary each day? Yep, I am going to be on the look out for that word "should" and try to banish it for awhile. 

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Paris Cowgirl said...

CeCe, I so feel exactly like you. I would rather fix someone else than fix myself.