Friday, July 3, 2009

When I was at Mystic Paper, amongst their vast array of fun vintage embellishments, I found several vocabulary words. I had a delightful time picking out quite a few that seemed to fit my where abouts right now. Soooooo, I am going to start sharing them with you. You might want to see how or if the vocabulary word applies to you!
  1.I seldom mince words when I am passionate about a subject.
 2. There are many times I would be more compelling if I chose to mince a few words.
 3. Last night, I did not mince my laughter ( yes, laughter, to the point of tears! ) when we played Farqal ( spelling?) with our friends, Janice and Jim. Janice was keeping score and she just turned into a comedian all during the game. It felt good not to mince my laughter.
 4. I minced onions for the potato casserole I made last night.
 5. I do not want to mince wishing you a happy day today and a wonderful Fourth Of July tomorrow!

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