Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Spent some time yesterday morning packing for my upcoming trip to TN and then on to Destin, Fla. to the beach. I can hardly wait to feel the sand between my toes.

Spent some time yesterday at phone service checking out possibilities for my Internet addiction. I Think I am buying a Broadband card and paying for a month of service so I have Internet in TN and Fla.  I know, I am hopeless. It Is just my connection to the world now----- so why do I want to be connected to the world? Because of you, of course!!!  It is a good question though. Here I am going on vacation and I am in the troughs of worrying about my Internet connection. Phone? Don't care really. Suzi or Scottye ( dear friends with which I will be playing ) will have  phones. I only like to have my cell phone for emergencies.  I leave on Sunday and will be gone for at least two weeks. Randy is doing home bound duty. No, you can't have him. He is mine, even though earlier this month I left his flowers in the sink! 

Spent some time yesterday at the airport. Oh my. Went to pick up father. How in the world he got by us, in a wheelchair, on and on, is beyond Randy and me. Randy is thinking the wheel chair driver must have taken him to baggage out by way of gate B instead of A where he was scheduled to come out. Could he hear his cell when we called over and over again. No--- Did the airline post correctly about the flight arrival---No. Bottom line, an hour later Randy found him, outside, wheel chair and luggage waiting for us to pick him up. We were all fine, We all survived. No one was that upset but Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-----

Took dad out to eat----- home to find out there was a slow leak in his hall bathroom---water everywhere----Neighbors took care of dog while he was gone and had not been inside house. Randy mopped and I did towel clean up. Water turned off to toilet for now.

Other neighbors had called police because they had not seen dad in awhile and were worried. Good for these neighbors! Took them our phone numbers.
And with that, we came home tired and ready for a good night's sleep. 
Awoke this morning waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too early. Will be a busy day so by tonight I will be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy tired.

So--here is the day planned.
Meet girlfriend Bonnie at our FAV breakfast place to gorge on Crack of Dawn and a pancake.
Off To Scrapbooks Etc to take a Carol Wingert class. She is absolutely a FAB teacher and if you live elsewhere you can purchase her kits on line here. The directions are impeccable with color pictures, etc. Have seen no other kits put together with directions as well as Carol does it. I was a teacher so take it from me---these are first class, A+ kits. 
Doctor's appointment--
Wait, what? Dr's appointment on my birthday???????? What is this about??????? It is about needing new prescriptions for my upcoming trip to TN. Doctor would not renew them, upon the pharmacy calling him, until seeing me. Does anybody remember getting prescriptions that were good for a year? Now it is six months and quite frankly feels like a Dr. speed trap. I am not sick. My meds are fine. Just wish I could give them a credit card over the phone to pay the charge for the piece of paper that gives me the refills---- 
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh--- a little venting. I will not complain... I will not complain...I will not complain....I will not complain Maybe this teacher needs to give herself the assignment of writing I will not complain over and over again---Remember those days? I never was given this assignment but once I chose to do this on my own---Oh Boy, now this is telling and is not a pretty telling. I had a crush on a boy when I was in the seventh grade. I asked my teacher to let me grade his paper . The teacher told me I could if I wrote 1,163 times, I AM SILLY. The teacher never thought I would be ---should I say it?--no but I will anyway''' SILLY and STUPID enough to actually do it. I did though. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh---sad state of affairs!

Alright, off to put my face on, meaning make-up. Have you heard that expression before?
Speaking of expressions, has anyone heard the expression " in the pink of things"  It means a  perfect place to be. My husband tells me he has never heard it and another friend of mine did not know what it meant. Did I just make this up????? I make up words every now and again so I am just curious about this. Need to post another vocabulary word. Later--- have stuff to do right now---

Failed to mention this is a monumental birthday. I get to start drawing Social Security checks. I am now 62 years old. First check comes in September. I think it is budgeted for health insurance. There are those Doctors again---

Hush, CeCe, Hush--- I will not complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Paris Cowgirl said...

Happy Birthday sweet lady! I have heard of all of you you're not making things up. Have a great trip!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday! And I have heard "in the pink". Iknow it is a good thing. In 12 step groups they say "he's floating on a pink cloud". I say - be happy you deserve it and have a great vacation. I could leave the internet for holiday but I would have to have an art project to bring!

Katarina said...

Happy, happy birthday Cece!!!!I wish you a wonderful trip and vacation:) I love your comments on my blog, you make me feel so talented, LOL!!!Thanks for stopping by!!!