Friday, July 24, 2009


Now You See It
Now You Don't

Like our new patio furniture?
These are old, and I mean old, auditorium seats. I got them in Tyler Texas on my last antiquing trip. I bought several sets and was going to sell them in my booth at Merchant Square. I still plan to sell some someday. I also want to paint some and girly them up. Chandler has these in his room at our house and at his house. The kids sit in them to play video games. As he says, these are REALLY comfortable to be wooden seats.
We are spreading things out around the house and filling up the garage. 
Am about to get my stinky work clothes on and off to the storage shed we will go.
Instead of going with me, I suggest you click and visit here today. You will find the most wonderful party going on and I know you will enjoy seeing the spaces of many super bloggers! It will take me hours to visit them all. I will be having an extremely good time! Can't wait!

Oh Yes---This JUST in--
Amber was arrested for DUI--Extreme DUI---That is Amber---everything she does is to the extreme.


Make It 2 Instead Of 1 said...

maybe she will finally go to JAIL!!!!

Make It 2 Instead Of 1 said...

Maybe she will finally be held accountable for her actions and go to jail!! Isn't the sentance for an extreme DUI 30 days in jail????

I certainly hope so....or will she once again make a complete mockery of the legal system??

CeCe said...

Maybe so!!!!!
Her court date for the felony was once again put out to August 20th!

Paris Cowgirl said...

It's so sad that she cares so little for herself, but what is even sadder is that she cares nothing for the people she endangers.

CeCe said...

It is just that---SAD for everyone that knows her and as you so aptly said, even those that do not.

Hey, hope to get into Mystic to get all the new great publications!!!!

M said...

I'm sending hugs to you!