Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Lunch with friends is a good thing.

Genes or Socialization ---  what percentage of each makes one who they are?
    I am leaning towards 2/3 Genes and 1/3 Socialization----up from my previous thoughts of 1/2 and 1/2

Understanding given our OWN circumstances, we are all doing the best we can do. Is this true? Do you think we are ALL doing the best we can do?

Flexible --- Are you flexible? Is it important to be flexible?

Rigid --- Are you rigid? Is this a bad thing?

Update as I am told --- not because I know for sure -- Well, some of it I know for sure but what Amber says I am not so sure about----

  Michael Brandt, old friend of Amber's , called Randy to let him know Amber had texted him a couple of days ago her cancer was in remission--

  Must be nice ---- treat your body with no respect --- treatment???? ---- and you are magically in remission. 

  Amber arrested for DUI last night. Bartender called the police after Amber left the prememis . ( Don't know what the situation was that caused bartender to call police ) Police stopped her. She started to refuse to breathe but was told her license would be automatically suspended for a year. She then did breathe. Arrested, car impounded, night in jail, released.

  Message on Randy's cell from detective in Pinetop ---  County Prosecutor is choosing to prosecute the house destruction case.

  Amber is now not willing to give Maria temporary custody --- Imagine that---

Who knows what will happen or the best thing to happen or what anyone would want to happen ----  besides making this all be not what it is ---

We each approach it all in such different directions: 

Randy and I
 from a Mars and Venus outlook --
from a Grandfather and Grandmother outlook---
from broken hearted outlooks ---
from a father and mother outlook ---
from a husband and wife outlook ---
 from an individual outlook---

and knowing, through it all, the most important of the couple outlooks above is our marriage outlook ---  because we are the union --- because we fell in love with each other's individual outlooks.


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